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Past Life Recall

Regardless of personal beliefs about reincarnation, the outcome of a Past Life Regression is not dependent upon belief or disbelief in past lives, reincarnation, or in any spiritual path. Children often refer to past lives, but this ability disappears after about age 6 years old. I asked my granddaughter when she was about 5 years old if she remembers living in another body. With no hesitation she said, "I remember when Mom called me I came down so fast I thought I was going to go through the Earth." Wow, there is much to be learned from these new young beings among us!

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A Past Life Regression Can Recall Memories of Past Lives

Past life quote The first book I read on the subject was titled Past Lives Therapy (1978) by Dr. Morris Netherton. After reading his book I trained with him in Palo Alto, California. A more recent and prolific author on past lives is Dr. Brian Weiss, an American psychiatrist, who stumbled upon past-life regression while using hypnosis on his patient. His book Miracles Happen: The Transformational Healing Power of Past Life Memories is especially helpful in resolving any fears about death and dying, plus how our spiritual purpose is our most important goal. Here are some of his books:

A Google search on past lives, past life, or past life recall will provide a lot more information and references.

Here is one of the older organizations (i.e. Association for Past-Life Research and Therapies (APRT) that I was a charter member in many years ago. It has a new name and the website is here: International Association for Regression Research and Therapies, Inc.

I have been doing Past Life Regressions on over 2000 clients since 1975. I have a website with some of the interesting cases at

My Plans for Dying

I feel certain that I will be coming back in another body because I can recall that I have lived many times in other bodies before this body.

I know that these life times are devoted to learning how to be totally loving toward all beings and to reach a high level of conscious awareness of how the Universe works beyond time and space. I certainly have not reached that state in this body so I will try again later in another body.

As I see my string of past lives behind me I recognize that dying in this body is just a minor event necessary to make more soul growth.

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