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Near Death Experience (NDE) After Affects

Kenneth Ring (professor of psychology) has identified a consistent set of value and belief changes associated with people who have had a near-death experience.   Most NDE experiencers agree that the after affects of an NDE are long term, powerfully influential on all aspects of life, and can not be faked. Most agree that they are not more religious but are far more spiritually oriented, more generous and understanding, less materialistic, more loving, and have lost their fear of death. In one study, 19 percent of the NDE experiencers said the after affects were so radical that they felt they had become a new person.

NDE After Affects Are Generally Huge

Most NDE experiencers develop a sense of timelessness and come to love and accept others without the usual attachments and conditions society expects. One of the reasons life seems so different afte an NDE is because the experiencer now has a basis of comparison unknown before. Familiar codes of conduct can lose relevance or disappear altogether as new values take priority.

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My NDE After Affects

For me I see my NDE as the most significant experience in my life that has changed my way of seeing and being in this world as a better person. I am also much more spiritually oriented with a deep connection to animals of all types.

My skill for doing hypnosis evolved after my NDE to a more sensitive and intuitive level allowing me to do better work with clients in my Past Life Regression sessions.

My fear of death is completely gone and I know that when this body dies for any reason in the future the real and lasting part of me, my consciouness or spirit, will continue and go to a very different spiritual realm. I know also that there will be other spirits waiting to help me with my transition. This has already parcially been done in my Near Death Experience (NDE) in 1988.

As reported by other NDE experiencers, I expect that I will do a life review to understand who I hurt and who I helped, and this will guide me to my next lifetime in order to try again to do everything with love and not hurt anyone.

Authors and books on NDE After Affects:

Here is a link to a comprehensive downloadable pdf file on NDE After Affects made available for free from International Association for Near Death Studies (IANDS): Free PDF on NDE After Affects

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