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A Ritual to Assist the Dying Making a Divine Transition Into the Spiritual Realm

The script below is not a prayer for the dying, but rather it is a guiding instruction for the conscieness to release from the physical body and make a divine transition into the spiritual realm. The purpose of these instructions is to facilitate the natural process of the spirit leaving the physical body which has been experienced and described by thousands of people in their Near Death Experiences.

My Plan for Dying

I desire this script be read to me in the last moments of life. Since the timing will be difficult for caregivers to determine for my spiritual departure  I request it be repeated often during the last apparent day or days.

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My Divine Transition Guidance

(dying person's name) we are here to help you.

Listen to me carefully (dying person's name). Now is the time to pay close attention. Do not be afraid because you are dying. The four great elements of your body are collapsing one into the other. It may feel like you are being crushed by mountains, tossed by waves, scorched and carried off by a strong wind.

This is the divine transition of dying. It is now important to recognize your own nature. Do not resist. Do not be afraid.

What arrises is ones own basic nature.

All is brilliant white light now free of all boundaries. Recognize that all space is gone and all that remains is pure white light that is the true nature of all the awakened ones.

Soon you will awaken to the true nature of your own mind. The mind will leave the body and will see all those around you who can only see the dead body.

(dying person's name) see those you are now cut off from in family and friends. Soon you will experience and understand your true nature. Do not cling to the past, Go forward now. Disconnect from the past. Go forward now.

Now you will go forward and be aware of your true nature without memories of the physical past. 

You may see your bed but you are no longer the one lying there. The physical body lying there was just a temporary place to experience the Earthly plane where learning could take place. Now that your real essence must leave the Earth plane and that physical body to continue on to a higher level of learning your true essence. Now your true essence, which is sprit, will transcend to a higher level of awareness of your true nature: love and oneness with the divine nature of the Universe.

As you look around,you may see you family and friends in physical bodies and also you may see some of those you once knew in physical bodies but now they too are out of their bodies and exist in spiritual form, just as you do now.

You may now in your spiritual form experience powerful emotions, but do not be afraid. These emotions are all created by your mind which is now without a physical body. Do not cling to the past. Go forward. Trust those loving beings that are there to guide you forward where the dead need to go. (dying person's name) you are dead now. Go forward to the place of love where the dead must go.

(dying person's name) you have passed through the divine transition from physical existence and now you are making the divine transition of sprit into the spiritual realm. Just as you experienced learning on the physical Earth plane, now you will meet your true mind and conscienceness to learn more true deep meaning of love.

Go forward with the loving beings awaiting you to guide you to the intense light and the higher level for more learning. Let go of your ego and possessions you once thought permanent. Nothing is permanent. Everything is going forward. Now you must let go of the Earthly existence and go forward to the light. 

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